The name: Foundry pitch ALKAFEN C 150
Type of production and scope of application: фенолоформальдегидная alkaline pitch, process отверждения Rezol СО2
Serves as binding substance for casting of cores and forms of all kinds of metals. For отливок with fire-resistant coverings with the spirit maintenance, the system отверждения СО2 is required
The manufacturer: Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi A. Ş.

Appearance Transparent liquid of krasnovato-brown colour
Firm substance (100 wasps, 3) 62–67 %
Viscosity (FC1, 25 oC) 80–100 сек
Free formaldehyde (макс %) 0,5 %
Density (20 wasps, gr/sm3) 1,27–1,31
Period of storage (20 wasps) 4 months


Proportions: ALKAFEN C 150 in пропорционном a parity with sand on weight makes: 2,4–3,5 % on weight.


Pure, dry and cold quartz sand to place in preliminary cleared mixer. To add pitch and to mix 1–2 minutes. The mix received as a result to place in rod boxes.


Proportions: 2,5 % ALKAFEN C 150, СО2 1–1,5 Bar

Time (ч.) At once 1 2 24
Resistance to compression (Н/см2, mines) 100 160 160 150

The characteristic of the used sand

Number AFS: 45–50

Loss at ignition (% макс): 0,2

The clay maintenance (% макс): 0,3

The form: the angular

Safety measures

In order to avoid hit of substance ALKAFEN C 150 in eyes of the worker all safety measures should be observed to prevent casual всплескивание. In the course of activity obligatory application of overalls and rubber gloves. In case of contact to substance, it is necessary to wash out the mentioned part of a body a water considerable quantity.


– To avoid a direct hit of sun rays, far from heat, fire and other sources of ignition.
– To store at average temperature, in densely closed container. To avoid interaction with acid.
– To use corresponding system of ventilation.
– It is forbidden: соскабливание the rest from walls of the container or repeated filling of the container without preliminary careful clearing.
– Never use pressure of air in empty cylinders.


– On efficiency does not concede to other systems Cold box
– An insignificant smell in the course of mixing and pouring.
– ALKAFEN C 150 – excellent quality отливок, with an excellent surface that allows to save means for processing
– ALKAFEN C 150 pitches do not contain some nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus hence in отливках does not arise the defects connected with these elements.