Bogie Hearth Quenching Furnaces

Sistem Teknik bogie hearth furnaces are designed to handle large parts and heavy loads. These furnaces are develoed highly reliable and cost effective for intense and continuous use. They provide greater up time, ease of maintenance, failure free operation and can be custom design to meet the customer’s exact processing requirements.


  • Gas or electrically heating type options
  • Modular design for flexibilty and easy transportation
  • Heavy duty pneumatically operaed lifting seal trough frame located on the car to prevent air infiltration
  • Pneumatic clamps ensure tigth seal of the door to furnace casing
  • Pre heated combustion air up to 450 oC by special design tubular type recuperator
  • After austenisation of the charge, transfer car will transfer the charge in front of the furnace. Charge then will be handled by the elevator and elevator will be up position in order to transfer the charging car goes to inside of the furnace. Then the elevator will go down to the water and quenching will be done.
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