Continuous Belt type Sintering Furnaces

Sistem Teknik  offers a custom design continuous mesh belt type sintering furnace since many years with experience of decades.

Useful witdh          : up to 1.000 mm
Useful height         : up to 150 mm
Length of Line       : up to 40.000 mm
Heating Type         : Electrically or Gas
Atmosphere type   : Endogas, Exogas, mixed Hydrogen/Nitrogen or cracked Amonia
General design      : Humpback or Straight type
Hot zone type        : Muffle or non-muffle


  • Available in a variety of size and belt widths
  • Unique temperature uniformity
  • Excellent control of carbon level due to incorporated endo gas generator
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Remote access to control system
  • Working under safety conditions
  • Long service life
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