Cooling Systems


The system incorporates two types of cooling systems;
1 An open cooling system with heat exchanger:

In this system, the current source circuit and plot the furnace is cooled by a plate heat exchanger and operates in a closed cycle.
Through both the heat exchanger is cold water from the cooling tower. Through a heat exchanger, heated by a current source is pure water through a heat exchanger connected to the oven – an ordinary tap water.
Due to the closed cooling system excluded the possibility of formation of lime deposits.
2 Water and Air Cooled Closed Circuit Cooling Systems:

In this type of cooling systems, there is no need for reserve tanks. The water coming from the city system is preceded through a softener then passed to the cooling tower reserve tank. Furnace and power unit cooling systems are closed circuits. So that, calcification does not occurs. These systems have perfect performance in every climate conditions. They dont need big place.

Closed cooling system with ventilation system

In this system, the furnace and power unit circulates a distsillirovannaya water. In the case of oklyucheniya electricity for water required tsikkulyatsii generator or pcnasos. During the winter, to prevent freezing of water, you must enter a mono-ethylene glycol.

In this system, chain block closed. However, the cooling unit is an open circuit. The cost of such a tower is low. But since the system is open in contact with the atmosphere, then a short time there precipitation. This system requires frequent maintenance and because of frequent stop for service, it leads to losses in production.

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