Fastener Annealing Furnaces

For over 30 years, Sistem Teknik has supplied as fully automated, turn key heat treatment lines which comprises with automatic loading system, pre-washing machine, hardening furnace, quenching machine, seconder washing machine, tempering furnace and darkening machine

Note: Systems capable to fulfill the requiremenets of CQI-9

  • Suitible for carburising, carbonitriding, annealing, hardening and tempering of the fasteners, small castings, forgings and precision component
  • Soft handling design features to minimize part damage
  • Proven field reliability

In this line

  • The magnetic loading system eliminates the deformation of the sensitive parts during loading and eliminates the noise of vibration feeders
  • Mesh belt or cast link belt conveying choice in the hardening furnaces give posibility of heat treating wide range of parts in CL lines
  • For cast link belt model, two flaps at the inlet of the hardening and carburising furnace completely isolate the furnace atmosphere from the outside, reduce the energy and atmosphere gas consumption dramaticaly.
  • Heating of the both hardening and tempering furnace are performed with either electrically or gas via radiant tubes.
  • Low NOx burners, equipped with high efficieny recuperators.
  • Endothermic gas or Nitrogen-Methanol system option for atmosphere.
  • Polymer, oil or hot salt bath options for quenching bath
  • Good temperature and atmosphere uniformity with powerful circulation fans in both hardening and tempering furnaces.
  • Soluble oil and black oxide tank after tempering furnaces
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