Parabolic Taper Rolling Furnaces

While being on route, springs which are a suspension element, are in strain. It used to be used layered springs to overcome this issue. Layer number used to be increased on parts heaving higher strain.

With technological innovation this method left it’s place to parabolic rolling. By parabolic rolling, parts heaving higher strain remains thick and parts heaving lower strain is rolled thinner. By using this method, we are now able to manufacture lighter springs with high quality.

In these natural gas heated furnaces, burners are located at the top of the furnace. From loading part to unloading part there are several burners located according to the energy requirement, providing homogenious heating over the springs.

If the heated spring is not removed by the operator in 1 minute from the unloading zone, control system will warn audibly and visibly and automatically cool the furnace to 700 oC.

By dint of the temperature recorder, furnace zone temperature, part unloading temperature is measured for each charge. If wanted, customer may have the information about process timing and furnace graphics.

Springs that reaching the required temperature, leave walking beam and move to rollers that moving in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the oven and directly transfer to parabolic rolling machine.

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