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Inductotherm Original Equipment Replacement Parts

Maintain Your Melting System’s High Level of Quality, Reliability& Performance

They  are  known  as  “substitute”   parts,   “non-standard”     parts, and,  if disguised   by a counterfeit  lnductotherm  name  and  part number,  they  may   even   be  known  as “pirate”   parts.

No   matter   what    you    call   them,   these   non-lnductotherm replacement   parts  can  mean  trouble  for the foundries    which rely  on their  performance.

Unlike  lnductotherm    original   equipment  replacement   parts, m
ost  “substitute”   parts   are   made   for general   industrial   use and  are  not  built to  sustain   the demands   of  rigorous foundry conditions.

They  also  are  not   manufactured  to lnductotherm’s   stringent quality   and   performance  specifications.   And   most   do  not meet  the exacting  operating   tolerances   required  to properly interface  with lnductotherm’s  advanced  technology.

As  a  result,  these   parts   often   fail   prematurely   or otherwise reduce the  operating efficiency of your  melting  equipment. They  can  even  damage   other components in  the circuit.

If  replacement    parts    are   needed    for the  maintenance    or repair of your lnductotherm  equipment, you can count on lnductotherm original equipment replacement parts and components to  protect  your  melting   system’s  high  level  of quality,   reliability    and  performance.