Block power Duet power rus


Induction furnace                    General view of power unit


Block Control Panel                    Inside view of power unit

Duet power contains one common rectifier section and 2 equal some power inverter unit in the same cabinet.
Total line power is shared by 2 same power inverter. Operater can ajdusts the power automaticly the beetween 2 furnaces. The common application is, when you are melting with one furnace at the max power. Pouring the hot metal with other furnace at the same time.

General view of control panel

Duet Power Unit Advantages:

— Simultaneously melting opportunity in two separate furnaces — Экономия времени, равной времени литья одного котла,
— Opportunity to supply the desired furnaces with total mains power
— Keeping the pouring temperature constant in one of the furnaces while making melting at maximum power in the other
— Opportunity for saving time equal to return time and consequently, increasing pouring capacity
— Two separate inverter power at the same power in one power unit
— Opportunity for making melting in one of the furnaces whenever a malfunction occurs in the other
— Continuous hot metal flowing
— Short time sintering opportunity with hot molten metal
— Opportunity for transmitting total mains power up to 0 %-100 % to the two furnaces without using switch
— Efficiency of 97
— % 98 of power factor
— 12- 24 pulse rectifier above 1500KW
— Low power consumption (Kw h / ton)


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