Block power Single power rus

Block power Single power

Inverter type: Specifications serial inverter;

From the beginning to the end of melting is possible to feed the crucible of maximum power. In view of the fact that the rectifier does not equipped with control system, the amount of harmonic components is small.

— Presence of a constant current source for proper operation of the inverter

— Coefficient of electrical power to 0.98.

— The system quickly fuse to protect electronic components inverter

— 2 tristora Do not be ridiculous schemes and with a small percentage of damage, 2 inverter thyristors with high current

— Switches in the inverter circuit sections and a rectifier, and snubbery (snubber) to reduce dynamic losses are resistant to overheating, made of aluminum, to protect the thyristors by redemption instantaneous flashes.

— Galvanic isolation (transformer) provides complete isolation from the intrinsically safe circuit loop control system and ensures the safety of workers.

— A single circuit board with reliable dsp chip control.

— Made in addition to the control board rectifier system compact shalter (switch) for static control and features soft start, and fast fuse for extra protection.


General view of the reservoir water     General view of the control phase power unit     Block Control Panel


The controlling system motherboard has built-in digital signal processor DSP
This applied to the PLC and control system technology komyuternoy.
All system settings, made with one laptop, loaded on a parent control board.
Specifications of the Control Boards
— Controlling the system motherboard has an integrated digital signal processor DSP. This applied to the PLC and control system technology komyuternoy.
— All system settings, made with one laptop, loaded on a parent control board.

The parent map, working as a PLC:

PLC (programmable logic controller) is responsible for monitoring and execution.

— Motherboard receives information from other control electronic circuit boards, and receives information from the chains of control and protection

— LCD screen gives the operator the status of the system at the moment

— Produced the control system is simple enough.

— To the operator receives quite clear messages

— In the time of the crash or any crash, the system automatically turns off.

— Having the injury recorded in the memory MOTHERBOARD with the possibility of tracing the damage from the very beginning of their occurrence.

— You can embed a system of technological innovation.

— Motherboard 22 is equipped with digital optical inputs / outputs and analog inputs / outputs.


— Excess flow in the compartment rectifier and inverter reset the main shaltera

— Low pressure in the water compartment

— Water discharge in the water compartment

— Excessive overheating in the water compartment

— Excessive overheating of the water at the source

— A weak stream of water in the oven

— Excessive overheating tristora

— Damage to the inverter thyristor

— Damage kapasitera

-There are indicator lights

— Panel shaltera


— Full power

— Inverter operates

— Yield stress

— Limit the frequency

— Loading over the cold metal

— Limit max. current inverter power

— Limit max. current supply network

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