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Charging Systems

With the advancement of induction furnaces and their increasingly shorter melt times, Charging Systems help maintain production speed by supplying the metal required for melting. Charging Systems also enhance worker’s safety by keeping workers a safe distance from the molten bath.

Charging Systems are designed to deliver charge material to the furnace quickly allowing maximum utilization of the melting system. We offer a variety of conveyor systems for assembling and moving scrap and other charge materials to the melt deck and into the furnace(s). These systems include charge buckets, belt conveyors and vibratory, pivoting, traversing and holding conveyors. Whereas manual charging, magnets or charging buckets simply cannot keep pace with a large induction furnace able to melt a full charge in less than 30 minutes, our charging systems can.

Charge System Types Charge Buckets
Belt Conveyors
Vibratory Pivoting Conveyors
Indexing Conveyors
Traversing and Stationary Holding Conveyors
Crane with Electromagnets
Robotic Grappling Systems
Automated Batch Make-Up and Delivery Systems
Factory Tested Critical Components