Continuous Isothermal Annealing and Quenching Line rus

Sistem Teknik has a special design of Isothermic annealing and quenching line. This line comprises with high charging annealing furnace, oil quenching machine, washing machine, isothermal annealing section, tempering furnace and automatic discharging machine.

With Level II automation siystem, this line has capabilty of making isothermic annealing for one basket and quenching for following basket.

Level II automation system provides us making two different treatments for consecutively baskets.

  • Flexible production capabilities
  • Low energy consumption with special design recuperator
  • Excellent temperature homogenity
  • Automatic inside pressure control system
  • Automatic oxygen level controling system for annealing furnace
  • Level II automation system
  • Remote access to control system
  • Reliable and long service life
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