Eye Forming Furnaces rus

Main layers that connect springs and the shaft are designed as 2 eyed, one eyed or without eye. Mostly used are one eyed springs. Connection between springs and shaft is provided with bearings located inside the eye and eye stud passing through bearings.

Before eye forming, ends of springs must be heated to 920 – 950 oC.

These furnaces manufactured as

  1. Pallet conveyored
  2. Walking beam due to transfer type.

Mostly used type is palet conveyored.

In these natural gas heated furnaces, burners are located at the top of the furnace. From loading part to unloading part there are several burners located according to the energy requirement, providing homogenious heating over the springs.

If the heated spring is not removed by the operator in 1 minute from the unloading zone, control system will warn audibly and visibly and automatically cool the furnace to 700 oC.
By dint of the temperature recorder, furnace zone temperature, part unloading temperature is measured for each charge. If wanted, customer may have the information about process timing and furnace graphics.

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