Inductoscan™ Modular Scanning System rus

Inductoscan™ Modular Scanning System

The Inductoscan™ modular induction heating system’s unique design accommodates a wide range of power supplies that are integrated onto a standard platform to optimize the heat treating process. This flexible system can be configured to perform various heat treating operations such as scanning and single-shot. The material handling options for the Inductoscan™ induction heating system include; manual, robotic, pick and place, rotary table and linear transfer.

  • One or two spindle, vertical-scanning precision induction hardening machine
  • Enclosed water cooling and quench recirculation system with filtration for quieter operation
  • Water cooling recirculation system
  • Common machine base
  • User friendly controls simplify set-up, changeover and trouble-shooting, includes PLC with industrial computer operator interface
  • Pneumatic controls (optional)
  • Standard process monitoring package
Standard Power Ratings 100 – 800 kW @ 100 – 400 kHz (w/optional side power supply) 100 – 450 kW @ 3, 10 and 30 kHz, 75 – 300 kW @ 50 kHz 50 – 150 kW @ 200 kHz
Dimensions 88”W (2250 mm) x 75”D (1905 mm)
Tower Span Length 44” (1120 mm)
Maximum Part Length 40” (1000 mm)
Scanning Speed (Max)/sec 10” (200 mm)
Door Dimensions 22”W (559 mm) x 42”H (1067 mm)
Work piece Capacity/Spindle 100 lbs. (45 kg) per spindle
Spindle Center Spacing 10” (254 mm)
Height Tower Up 130”(3300 mm)
Height Tower Down 86” (2200 mm)
Standard Controls Standard PLC with HMI interface with virtually unlimited program recipe storage
Cooling system Closed-loop nonferrous reservoir, heat exchanger, and recirculating system with centrifugal pump