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Mini-Melt Furnaces

Inductotherm offers a line of small capacity induction furnaces designed to meet the demanding requirements of investment casters and others. Mini-Melt™ Furnaces are table-mounted and hand-operated. They are built with materials that provide exceptional structural strength and reduced weight, key factors in furnaces designed to be moved and poured by hand.

Mini-Melt™ Furnaces feature rugged ceramic tops and bottoms with durable aluminium alloy sides. As a result, they are 20 to 25 percent lighter than comparable ceramic-shell furnaces and 40 to 45 percent lighter than aluminum-frame furnaces. This reduction in furnace weight is a particularly important consideration in hand pouring operations. Their removable front and back inspection and access panels make Mini-Melt™ Furnaces easier to maintain and cost less to repair than shell furnaces and aluminium frame furnaces. These furnaces have a strong, durable construction for long furnace life. They also operate at frequencies from 3,000 to 10,000 hertz  with maximum power utilization. Mini-Melt™ Furnaces are ideal for use in prototype casting, small run casting, precious metal refining and casting, laboratory operations and wherever relatively small amounts of molten metal are needed.