Power Window Ladle Systems rus

Power Window Ladle Systems

lnductotherm Induction Power Window Ladle Systems are a true steel-shell ladle designed to be placed in an induction coil to melt, heat and/or refine the metal inside.

Power Window Ladle Systems combine the mobility, strength and refining flexibility of a steel ladle with the melting power, stirring action, and precise temperature control of an induction furnace. Using our Power Window Technology (PWT), the magnetic field produced by the induction coil passes freely through the steel shell of the ladle without melting or even excessively heating it, and melts or heats only the metal inside.

Capacites 0.5 to 30 Metric Tons [.55 to 33 Short Tons]
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Standard Features Power Window Technology (PWT)
Ladle Lining Push-Out System
Precise Temperature Control
Optional Features Lip Pour and Bottom Pour Configurations
Factory Tested Critical Components