Single Chamber Induction Skull Melting Furnace rus

Single Chamber Induction Skull Melting Furnace

Consarc offers Induction Skull Melting (ISM) furnaces which is a method of melting metals in a segmented water-cooled copper vessel while under vacuum or controlled atmosphere using an induction coil. Consarc’s single chamber design is for low volume prototype castings and R&D work. Consarc ISM furnaces provide superior chemical and thermal homogenaity when compared to more traditional methods of melting reactive materials such as arc skull casting.

• Excellent for R&D and Prototype Castings
• Low Overhead Clearance
• Small Footprint
• Flexible
• Upgradeable to a tandem unit at a later time

Capacities: 5kg – 100kg+
Vacuum Levels: up to 1×10-5 torr
Centrifugal casting up to 400 RPM
Copper Crucible from a single forged piece of material
CCTV System for viewing melt remotely
Remote controls for safe operation

• Cup charger
• Centrifugal casting
• Bridge breaker
• Immersion Thermocouple
• Pyrometer
• High Vacuum Pumps (Diffusion or Oil Vapor Booster)