Single Phase Tube & Pipe Heating System rus

Single Phase Tube & Pipe Heating System

Single Phase Tube & Pipe Heating System

IROSS™ Fluxmanager™ Pipe-End Heating Units are designed for heating a variety of tubular products. These systems utilize patented Fluxmanager™ induction heat treatment technology that yields superior temperature uniformity compared to conventional medium frequency designs.


  • Stress relieving
  • Preheat for welding
  • Annealing
  • Normalizing
  • Removal and curing of coatings
  • Friction welding and swage preheating

Fluxmanager™ Features/Benefits:

  • Deep and uniform temperature distribution, ID/OD, circumferentially and longitudinally.
  • Flexibility: 6 coil diameters cover all OCTG pipe sizes
  • Modular: Robust and unitized system
  • Infrared monitoring options
  • Data logging capability for traceability
  • Shaped flux concentrator for increased efficiency
  • Deionized water NOT required
  • Versatile: 50 or 60Hz / 350 – 600VAC input
  • Minimal amount of water needed – only 8 GPM required for cooling
  • Hydraulic lift table
  • Infrared temperature control
  • Data archival recipe management
  • Pneumatic coil shuttle options
  • Optional stand alone water/chiller system – no deionized water required