Tube Bright Annealing Furnace

Sistem Teknik has 30 years of experience and developing creative and economical solutions required by the customer.
Since 1978, Sistem Teknik has supplied heat treatment plants to the world wide.
Sistem teknik tube bright annealing and normalizing furnace comrises with

  • Automatic loading system
  • Charging table
  • Entrance purging section
  • Roller hearth furnace
  • Interface to cooling zone
  • Slow cooling section
  • Fast cooling section
  • Exit purging section
  • Discharging table
  • Automatic unloading system

The main features;

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Controlled atmosphere
  • Gas tight construction
  • High grade stainless steel centrfifugal casting rollers
  • 950 oC max. temperature
  • Level II automation system including product tracking
  • Oxygen and dew point measurement at several points.
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