VIP Multi-Switch Power Supply Units rus

VIP Multi-Switch Power Supply Units

Inductotherm VIP™ Multi-Switch™ Power Supply Units provide full and precise zoned temperature control for graphite heating applications.

VIP™ Multi-Switch™ Induction Power Supply Units closely control the desired temperature over the entire hot zone with two or more multiplexed power outputs. These power outputs heat separate sections of the susceptor independently to provide full and precise zoned temperature control for a wide variety of high temperature controlled atmosphere heating and sintering operations. With multiple power switching technology, we offer the ability to control the power applied to each zone of the susceptor to achieve complete flexibility. Additional advantages include: the option to apply greater power to the bottom zone of the susceptor than to the top zone or zones, the ability to put a temperature “burst” into any zone of the susceptor directly, and improved efficiency as the system uses only the power needed for induction heating.

Power Ranges Up to 1,500 Kilowatts
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Furnace Zones Up to Eight Zones
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Standard Features Precise and Responsive Digital Controls
Digital Control Board with Fiber-Optic Clear Signal Processing
Touch-Screen Display for Control and Data Entry
Built-In Ground and Leak Detector System
6, 12, 24 or 48 Pulse Line Power Rectifier System
Informative Diagnostics
Optional Features System Status Text Messaging
Melt-Manager™ Plus™ Control Systems
Factory Tested Critical Components