Vacuum Nitriding Furnaces


Vacuum nitriding furnaces can be used as vacuum nitriding or vacuum nitrocarburizing for die and mold,mechanical drive medium, gear, shaft and other high precision components.


  • A stainless steel retort
  • Vacuum purging up to 5×10-2 mbars
  • Reactive atmosphere for thermochemical processes like gas nitriding, black oxidizing or nitrocarburizing
  • High internal convection for optimal heat transfer
  • Temperature uniformity is better than ±2 oC
  • Fully automatic control for various recipies

The nitriding process is a chemical reaction, and it’s reasult is determined by temperature, furnace pressure, time and nitrogen potential etc. ingredients. In the past nitrogen control adopts the indirect method of measuring amonia decomposition rate, which have storage of hysteresis and low automatization, but now the Sistem Teknik vacuum nitriding furnaces can solve the problem through importing the H2 sensor from German Stange Company to measure the gas. Also use the high-end program controller to calculate the H2 % and automatically adjust the gas ingredients to reach the Kn balance.


Type Usefull dimensons
FUseful volume dm3 Loadweigh kg. Heating Power kw.
VF-2D-A-333 300x300x300 27 50 45
VF-2D-A-353 300x500x300 40 80 50
VF-2D-A-464 400x600x400 96 200 72
VF-2D-A-664 600x600x400 144 300 100
VF-2D-A-696 600x900x600 324 600 140
VF-2D-A-996 900x900x600 486 750 180
VF-2D-A-8128 800x1200x800 768 800 180
VF-2D-A-9127 900x1200x700 756 800 180
VF-2D-A-101510 1000x1500x1000 1500 1000 240
VF-2D-A-121510 1200x1500x950 1710 2000 280
VF-2D-A-102012 1000x2000x1200 2400 2500 300
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