Vacuum Tempering Furnaces


Sistem Teknik vacuum tempering furnace for heat treatment with inert gas. Treated parts have high quality surface

  • A stainless steel retort
  • Vacuum purging up to 5×10-2 mbars
  • Protecting atmosphere for tempering and annealing
  • High internal convection for optimal heat transfer
  • Temperature uniformity is beter than ±5 oC
  • Fully automatic control for various recipies
  • Temperature is up to 750 oC
  • Ceramic blocks and fibre insulated hot zone
  • Electrically or gas heated
Type Usefull dimensons
Useful volume dm3
VF-TE-464 400x600x400 96
VF-TE-696 600x900x600 32
VF-TE-8128 800x1200x800 77
VF-TE-101510 1000x1500x1000 150


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